At Holm & Cawley Financial Group we understand that each client’s financial and retirement circumstances are inherently unique.  As such, Holm & Cawley offers a wide range of services to provide a basis to tailor a specific and comprehensive financial plan for each client.

This process begins with the completion of a financial physical wherein Holm & Cawley advisors assess a client’s financial condition and active strategies, and then make recommendations to add to or improve upon what a client is already doing.  Our comprehensive approach does not focus solely on financial risks, but on all facets of a client’s economic well being including those risks inherent to everyday life.

Because Holm & Cawley is comprised of fee based advisors that actually work for clients, sometimes our recommendation is to continue with the client’s current course of action.  Clients and potential clients are never pressured to take a course of action that is not in their best interests.  Unlike many other investment advisors, Holm & Cawley advisors only act in the client’s best interest and do not provide recommendations just to obtain a financial benefit or acquire new business.

The Financial Physical

The Financial Physical has been Holm & Cawley’s chief service for more than 10 years and has been molded and refined over time.  It serves and the springboard for the financial plan for each client and is regularly revisited to ensure the adequacy and effectiveness of a client’s plan as circumstances change in their life.  The Financial Physical consists of:

  • Getting to know you:  The primary goal of the Financial Physical is to know and understand what’s important to you as well as identify what resources are available to help reach your goals. During our introductory meetings, we will spend time getting to know you and gathering information regarding your unique circumstances.  We also encourage questions from you as to Holm & Cawley’s services and processes so you can get to know us as well.
  • Analysis and Recommendations: Once we have reviewed your financial situation and clarified your needs and goals, we will meet with you again to present our analysis and recommendations.  Our plan will go over all of your finances in detail and recommend various adjustments to improve upon what you have already been doing.
  • Finalizing and Implementation:   Our next meeting will seek to finalize your plan and go over any additional questions or concerns that you may have before implementation begins.  Once your plan is complete, we will begin to put it to work for you.   This includes opening accounts, transferring assets, and executing all other facets of the plan.
  • Monitoring your Plan: After execution of the plan, we begin the ongoing process of maintaining and monitoring your plan to ensure success.  This includes regular meetings and/or communications (usually on a quarterly basis) to ensure that the plan is on track and we are acting in your best interests.    During these meetings, we will also discuss any necessary items or contingencies relating to the near future and make necessary adjustments to your plan should your circumstances or goals change in any way.

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